Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Sun and Sandy Hook


   Greetings to those seeking the truth about the events that happened in Newtown CT, on December 14th, 2012.

   This is a painful subject, for those directly involved, and for the nation. It is important that we understand the truth about the events of that day, especially if we are to pass laws that effect everyone across the board. In this paper, I will attempt to use only verifiable facts. These facts will ask questions, which to date I have no good answer. The answers I am lead to on this story I do not like, on one hand, but, on the other, feel need aired out for discussion, laid to rest if false, or pursued if found true.

   My primary focus is on the time frame from 9:30am to 11:00am, on the morning of Dec 14th, 2012. Since there have been some discrepancies as to time and date of accounts presented by the TV NEWS, I will use the Sun to timestamp the data.


   Shadow analysis is the science of measuring shadows from images, and using the Sun to determine the date & time at which the picture was taken. I hold no degrees, and am a complete Layman when it comes to this topic. I use simple trigonometry, combined with a shadow finding calculator to come up with my conclusions. Unless otherwise noted, only two mathematical equations will be employed in this paper. One to find the angles...

tan(e) = X/Y, for finding the angle e in degrees.

   And, one to find the shadow ratio. The shadow ratio is defined as the length of a shadow, divided by the height of the object casting the shadow.

(S)hadow Ratio = (L)ength / (H)eight, or S = L / H and has no units.

   Physically, Azimuth is the measure your shadow makes with respect to true south as 0 degrees. If you have the sun directly behind you, take your left hand and point it at the Sun, then sweep it in a clockwise arc until your arm lines up with your shadow, that would be the Azimuth measurement. It will be denoted as (Az) and is measured in degrees.

   Measurements were derived graphically. Then rechecked with free hand measurements, using a ruler and/or protractor, where applicable.

   The following is my attempt at reconstructing the events of the Newtown Massacre, in chronological order.

A Real Fire Drill

   10/17/2012, 8:40am, Picture of a fire drill, with the children at the evacuation location, the brown auxiliary garage (building) between Sandy Hook Elementary (school) and Sandy Hook Fire and Ladder (firehall). This image is a good place to start, as it highlights the limitations of being a Layman at this topic. Without the appropriate software, and training, I realize I am limited in what GOOD information I can derive from a photo. There are issues with camera angles, and loss of resolution because of this, and image degradation to be taken into account. Still, that does not mean that NO GOOD information can be derived, even from a challenging picture such as this. As a side note to this picture, someone pointed out that the green placards held by the teachers seem to have been wiped clean of information.

   In this picture, the children form lines perpendicular to the building. Notice in the foreground, how the angle of the teacher starts to sway from this frame, because of the limitations of the camera. Also, S would be a challenge to access accurately. Knowing this, I can get at least a good Azimuth reading. The following is an aerial shot of the building, with my marks added for use in calculating the distances in Paint.

   X = 32, Y = 33, e = arctan(X/Y) = arctan(32/33) = 44.12 degrees, or Az = 180 - e == 136 degrees, or around 8:50am.

   So, How accurate is this method? I did all of this without knowing the actual time it took place. Today (Mar 13th, 2013), I looked back in my thread to find the actual time, 8:47am. Not too shabby, with this bad of an image.

   Later on, it was established that this building has boats in it, although, it is unknown whether the boats were there on Dec 14th, 2012.

Shannon Hicks: The Children in a Line Photo

   11/12/2012, 9:45am, First picture released to the media, credited to Shannon Hicks. This image is of a line of children being led out of the school on the morning of December 14th, 2012. I use the man in the black jacket as my object. The picture is centered in the frame, the photographer at ground level, the parking lot level through this small area, and two easily discernible landmarks in the parking lot. This set of parameters, yields a very good S, and Az.

   First the azimuth.

   X = 86, Y = 148, e = 29.578 degrees, Az = 180 - e == 150 degrees, about 9:45am.

   Now for the shadow ratio.

   H = 195, L = 417, S = L/H = 2.138

   Not a real good match for Dec 14, 2012, 9:45am.

   Pretty good match for Nov 12th, 2012, at 9:45am.

   Some questions as to who it is in this picture. To date, the only guess is, that the two closest to the camera may be Mergim Bajraliu and his Mother. Note, Mergim was not wearing the USA jacket on Dec 14th, 2012, he was wearing a white hoodie.

   High definition aerial footage.

   Footage from ground level.

   I used the following screen capture from 0:28 of the high definition footage to timestamp the following, bizarre, sequence of events.

So, the footage on both happens around 10:25am-10:35am, Dec 14th, 2012.

1. The Halsteads

   Notably absent from virtually all of the footage of that day is the Halstead family. More on them in a future post.

2. Christopher Rodia

   Chris Rodia's Black Honda is visible with all of it's doors closed. Yes this is Christopher's car, dispite a virulent internet campaign to dissuade researchers that it was not, including lieing about the police audio recording.

   Roughly 12:45pm.

   The car being towed away, two days later.

   Here is an image of the court document, mentioning the car, license plate, Rodia, it's location in front of the school, and an extension of the sealing of the warrants pertaining to it.

3. Sweatshirt Dad & FEMA Dude

   Purportedly one of the student's fathers, this actor slips back into the scene, complete with earpiece, and a quick nod from a superior. First with his family,

   A brief nod to a high level FEMA type.

  Walking back towards the road, with a drink.

   And here he is, supposedly, after a wardrobe change.

4. Jimmy Greene

   Saxophonist Jimmy Greene.

    Jimmy Greene from ground level.

5. Cheri Lovre

   Ms Cheri Lovre is the CPR Dummy Lady. This triage area is actually a CPR training area, complete with dummy, chairs, trainer, and is caught on film being set-up as early as 10:00am. In this scene, you can observe a very careless EMT/Actor bundle Cheri up onto a gurney and wheel her out of the scene. A few minutes later the chairs and all are packed up and the area is gone.

   Close up from ground level.

   Here she is in a picture with Kaitlyn Roig, and Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan.

6. Gene Rosen

  Aren't you supposed to be at your house right now Gene?

   This also syncs up with the point in time where the helper is going over Gene's lines with him.

7. E. Patricia Llodra

   Mayor of Newtown, First Selectwoman, The Honorable E. Patricia Llodra, directing the events behind the firehall.

   She never turned to face the camera on the ground footage, sorry about that. But, that's her in the grey business suit.

   The mayor in a close up from Dec 14th, 2012, wearing the grey suit.

8. Crime Scene Tape

   Someone finally gets the bright idea to put up the rest of the crime scene tape, and blocks in all the ambulances!

Military Clears Outbuilding

   Men in military dress, with a police officer and a canine unit, clear an outbuilding on the west side of the school. Around 11:00am

Empty Triage Area

   Empty triage area near Sandy Hook Elementary. Around 11:05am

This Azimuth should be 169 degrees, or 11:05am.

Inside the Fire Hall

  Two images of inside Sandy Hook Fire and Ladder, around 11:15 to 11:20am.

Military on The Rooftop

   Men in military dress on top of Sandy Hook Elementary, around 12:00pm.

Police chase men through the woods

   This is the police chasing men through the woods, on the west side of Sandy Hook Elementary. Somewhere around 12:25pm

Governor Malloy

   The governor arrives on the scene. Unknown time, around 1:00pm.

Sniper Team/Desktop/Segue

   Late arrival of a sniper team for photo shots. Notice the sleight of hand between the live shot and the earlier shot, to make it seem that this arrival happened earlier in the day. Screenshot of the anchor's desktop shows their real arrival time.

   Them arriving on live TV, notice the "Earlier" missing in the upper right corner, meaning it is live.

   A few seconds later in the broadcast, and the clip is now "earlier". Completely legal too. See upper right hand corner.

   Sniper team finally arrives at the school for their photo shoot.

   Somewhere around 2:15pm

Take a Breath

   Go outside, hug a loved one, pet your cat, smoke a cigarette, have a shot of whiskey.


   The actions of the people behind the firehall are in no way close to the actions we should be seeing, if children are dead and/or dying a few hundred yards away.

   Protocol has been thrown out the window. No wounded have been brought out for treatment. Miltary units show up too late. There is a CPR dummy training area there. What earthly purpose could this have served that morning?

  The mayor is directing the rescue effort. The rescue effort best resembles people walking around in circles and changing clothes, including wearing their coats on inside out. The crime scene tape isn't even put up until after all this happens. When that finally does occur, it blocks in the ambulances.

   Our media sources have been disinformed, and have in some cases misinformed the public. In some instances, you wonder how they could have got such information like the Hoboken connection, and Ryan/Adam's names being switched. In others, you wonder if they aren't just making stuff up as they go.

   In light of this, in all fairness to the families, maybe it's time for the media to tell us what actually happened on Dec 14th, 2012.

   This is the summary of findings from me, and several other posters, at a website called LunaticOutpost. Lots more information is available throughout the thread.